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Overlay is a new breed of text analysis tool, combining insights with real-time suggestions for improvement.

Topic Focused

Clients know what matters most to their businesses. We follow their direction and apply our system to spot the pertinent trends.

Overlay goes beyond standard metrics such as sentiment analysis to examine more nuanced themes and soft skills.

Deep Analysis

Data insights without action won't move the needle. With Overlay, organizations can set goals and view real-time results as new content is created.

Feedback Loop

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The Overlay platform consists of two major sections:

  • Post-Analysis is used to surface trends from voluminous survey results, emails, or other text files. Although many tools operate in this space, Overlay is distinguished by the unique lenses through which it can analyze text.
  • Pre-Analysis is used to highlight important text trends as content is being written. This feature is special in the text analysis field as it can spot the potential problems previously found via Post-Analysis and offer suggested improvements before the content goes out!

While in beta, we've made the text editing portion of the platform free to use. Over 200 people have already enrolled.

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See More Than Ever

Overlay can perform a broad range of text analysis. In addition to custom-created metrics (such as offensiveness checking) we also leverage analysis from large tech firms such as IBM, Amazon, and Google.

This combination of services and expertise , allows us to provide customized text insights into nearly any facet of a business whether you'd like to look into survey results, email communication, or public messaging, Overlay provides value.

Reach out today to see how Overlay can help your business see through a new lens!

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